Social Media Manager Bootcamp

Direction is everything when starting a business. Be it a product based startup or a service-based company, all you need is the right sense of direction to take it along the path of success. If you are an aspiring businessman or woman, have already started up a business or planning to build one; even if you have the faintest of an idea to become self-sufficient, productive, profitable, you have to take the first step, but in the right direction!

Indian Wedding Photographers

When a lady walks down the aisle dressed in her beautiful wedding dress, ready to be joined to that special someone, she wants to have some memorable photographs and video of that day. Professional Indian wedding photographers are like your personal stylists and artists. To capture the emotion and grandeur of a wedding event, a photographer and videographer needs to take pictures and videos of not only the bride and groom, but also of the wedding entourage and the friends and family that have g

Best holster bag types - 2019

Holster bags are a prudent way to fulfill your necessity of carrying personal items without showing them off. Even if you wish to flaunt your holster bags, it needs to compliment your style and attire. Holster bags are available for both men, women; there are unisex bags, shoulder or hip holster bags, leather, vegan leather, jeans and other types of bags available in the market. We take a bird’s eye view of the recent styles and types in the market and make it easier for you to choose your bes

Shoe Staples for Fall

Hello, Sharks! Close to winding up the summer clothing sooner, the time is near to flaunt those cozy and comfy pants, jackets, and boots. So here we enlist some amazing boots from our fall/winter boots collection to complete your look with luxe clothing at a great price. This beautiful side zipper, ankle boot with high heel smartly combines chic and glamour. The pointed toe and chunky heel make this boot comfortable to wear and stylish to flaunt at a formal event or an informal hang out. For co

Outdoor Living Space - OSC

We encase your imagination Feel free to fancy a unique living space and be prepared to live your dreams, because Open Space Concepts is here to encase your fragments of imagination in timeless pieces of architecture just as you desire! You desire, we demonstrate! Have an idea of an outdoor living space? Need someone to execute it the way you perceive it? Trust our experts to understand your aspirations and build the place of your dreams. If you wish to have any ideas about an outdoor living

About Vero Tile

Strange to assume how life can thrive on non-living elements? Vero Tile knows this magic! Vero Tile, is the house of best quality marble, porcelain and ceramic tiles. We accentuate your workplaces, revalue your commercial spaces and bring your homes to life. Our perfect choice of color and design suffice to stand us apart as well as justify your needs. Years of experience in the construction business behind us, are instrumental in making us attain the highest market standards in our tile and